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You would do anything for the health of your beloved cat.

That's why Dr. Ruth's holistic wellness store offers a collection of supplements that help fill nutritional gaps for your feline friends.

This collection of feline supplements empowers cat owners to care for their furry friends in the same way they care for themselves. We have the incredible capacity to influence the health of our dogs if we provide them with the correct nourishment.

From managing Allergies, G.I Issues, Liver disease, Kidney Failure, Immune boosting supplements, Cancer, and other major health hurdles, these supplements are proven to help thousands of cats battling these diseases in a whole-food way.

Supplement for Cats

The Best Supplements For Cats

The best supplements for your cat ultimately depend on his or her needs. You can find a range of additives that can help your feline look and feel their best, including:

  • Joint supplements for cats that help them stay lubricated, move freely, and function at their best. This is one of the best supplements for cats with arthritis since it offers anti-inflammatory qualities and joint support.
  • Immune supplements for cats that support a healthy immune system, a healthy response to stress, cardiovascular health, and detoxification.

You can also find a range of probiotic supplements for cats, fiber supplements for cats, and more to help your feline friend live a happy, healthy life.

Do Cats Need Supplements?

Like humans, your cat experiences changes as they grow and age. It’s never too early to begin helping your furry friend through all of life’s transition with the right supplements.

No matter if you want to help your senior cat be comfortable or want to treat hair loss (yes, there are supplements for cat hair loss!) the right nutrient balance can help. 

The Complete CrockPET Diet Starter Kit for Cats is the perfect way to kickstart your cat’s new daily routine with the right blend of holistic supplements.

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