Assisi-loop & Calmer Canine®

From pain and inflammation to separation anxiety and other behavior disorders, Assisi LOOP® and Calmer Canine®products use time-tested tPEMF™ technology to accelerate healing and improve well-being.

The flagship product of the Assisi line of tPEMF therapy devices, Assisi LOOP®, provides safe and effective management of pain and inflammation at home or on the go.

With two sizes to choose from, Assisi LOOP® is easy to position. The electromagnetic pulses penetrate through wraps, dressings, and casts.

Assisi LOOP® is available in two versions:

  • Manual – turns off after each 15-minute treatment
  • Auto-Cycle – stays on to deliver preprogrammed 15-minute treatments every two hours

Ask your veterinarian which size and version are right for your pet.

Assisi LOOP and Calmer Canine products are Non-Pharmaceutical Anti-Inflammatory Devices (NPAID).