Dr. Ruth Roberts

The Comprehensive Kidney Health Program for Dogs and Cats

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The Comprehensive Kidney Health Program for Dogs and Cats was created to add more years to your pet’s life, improve kidney health, and alleviate your cat or dog's discomfort caused by kidney disease and renal failure. This course includes:

  • Education on what to expect when your pet has kidney disease
  • A supplement plan for your pet based on his/her weight
  • Recipes for home-cooked meals for your pet
  • Information on the best conventional and holistic practices for managing kidney disease
  • The Original CrockPet Diet Ebook
  • The Original CrockPet Diet cooking videos and other goodies in the Members area

If you are searching for solutions to ease your pet's kidney disease symptoms, look no further. Use my 5-Step Comprehensive Kidney Health Program.

Module 1How Your Pet’s Kidneys Work In this module, you’ll discover normal kidney structure and function, and more importantly, what damages kidneys and causes failure. **Video and PDF Transcript Included**

Module 2Understanding Your Pet’s Kidney Failure Diagnosis It’s a difficult time for you. This diagnosis is never easy to hear, but with this module, you’ll learn what stage of disease your dog or cat is in. You’ll understand what the tests mean, and know your next steps in getting the tests your pet needs. **Video and PDF Transcript Included**

Module 3My 5-Step Plan My 5-step plan will give you an actionable road map to improving your pet’s kidney health. I’ll reveal the 5 most important steps you can take to slow kidney disease, and for many pets, prevent symptoms before they happen. **Video and PDF Transcript Included**

Module 4Supplements to Support Kidney Health I’ll detail which supplements are proven to be effective, and the right dose to use for your dog or cat. **Video and PDF Transcript Included**

Module 5Using IRIS Stage to Guide Treatment Module 5 reveals both the holistic and conventional treatments that will work for you and your dog or cat. You’ll also receive guidelines to know if your pet is in pain. **Video and PDF Transcript Included**