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Dr. Ruth Roberts

The Complete CrockPET Starter Kit For Dogs | Formulated By A Veterinary Nutritionist

The Complete CrockPET Starter Kit For Dogs | Formulated By A Veterinary Nutritionist

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Put your pet’s health first with the complete CrockPET Diet® Starter Kit. Designed for both cats and dogs, it’s the ultimate nutritional plan and resource for parents who want their fur-babies to have a long and healthy life. Using The Original CrockPET Diet® and the starter kit resources, you’re giving your pet scientifically balanced, nutritionally dense, and deliciously perfect meals.

Let’s keep your cat and dog healthy from the inside out. Watch what they eat. Make sure they have their supplements. And always complement their diet with the right vitamins.

The perfect pet diet starter kit for your pet’s every stage of life.

 (Does not include slow cooker)

Here are critical pieces to the starter kit that makes for an ideal pet diet, and what you get with every purchase of a complete CrockPET Diet starter kit for cats and dogs:

  1. 150-day supply of Holistic Total Body Support Multivitamin for Cats and Dogs. Cats and dogs need specific vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids for their ideal health. This multivitamin was created to provide these essential nutrients for a balanced diet.
  2. Calcium Citrate (calcium supplement). Keep those bones and teeth healthy and strong and improve muscle function in both cats and dogs with almost a year’s supply.
  3. 32 oz. organic coconut oil. Help to eliminate hairballs while improving digestive health. This aroma free oil improves the shine of your fuzzy friend’s coat. The 32 oz. is almost a year’s supply of organic coconut oil for your pets.
  4. Organic Kelp Pure Powder, 8 oz (227 g) is an excellent source of iodine, which has been shown to be essential for healthy thyroid function.
  5. The Original CrockPET Diet® e-book. These recipes are easy to make, with fresh ingredients from your local market, and super tasty for even the pickiest of eaters. There are recipes for cats and dogs, and keto versions as well.
  6. Lifetime membership to The Original CrockPET Diet® program. Let’s use your pet’s diet to get him or her on track to a longer, healthier, happier life. The program is supported by the ebook and weekly live interactions with Dr. Ruth.
  7. Cooking videos. See how it’s done and follow along to prepare the ultimate tasty meals for your pets.
  8. Recipe templates so you can tailor your fresh, homemade pet meals for canine and feline diet requirements and preferences.
  9. Weekly Live Q&As. Get your questions answered with Dr. Ruth’s live weekly Q&As on YouTube and our exclusive Facebook community.


The bonuses with your purchase

There are also bonuses in the mix.

Bonus #1: Introduction to Gut Health Guide

In addition to what you buy and cook, learn how to optimize your pet’s gut health for better digestion. Learn these little-known truths about your pet’s dietary needs.

Bonus #2: Aging Well and Preventing Disease Guide

Learn how to help your pets age well. Dr. Ruth has condensed years of experience and knowledge into this quick summary starter ebook to help you identify and prevent injury and disease in your pets. Save thousands in emergency ER visits with these at-home tips to improve your pet’s health.


Why The Original CrockPET Diet® Starter Kit is Perfect for your Fur-babies

  • Balanced nutrition. Pair the supplements, vitamins, oil, and our CrockPET recipes to enhance your pets’ health.
  • Quick and simple recipes. Our e-book provides delicious recipes that your pets will just gobble up. Each recipe can also be tailored to your pets’ preferences.
  • Bundled to be easy on the pocket. Take care of your pets without breaking the bank. Take advantage of our bundled deal to improve the health of your cat or dog.


You’re not the only one who needs to eat healthy

Let’s enhance the health of your pets with tailored recipes and specially selected supplements, all required for a balanced diet. Order your 150-days to a year’s worth of supplies of supplements and vitamins and become the best furrbaby parent.

This package deal makes meal preparation and diet planning easier for you and even better for your little ones.

Order your Complete CrockPET Diet Starter Kit For Cats & Dogs today.

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