The Complete CrockPET Diet Starter Kit for Cats

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Balance your cat’s diet with the best possible ingredients for him or her to have a long, happy, and healthy life. The CrockPET Diet Starter Kit for Cats gives you the essential supplements and vitamins to ensure a rounded, healthy diet for your purrfect pet. With our bonuses and guides, you will be well on your way to changing your cat’s health for the better.

A healthy cat starts from the inside out with the foods you place in their bowls. And the best place to start is with homemade cat food based on The Original CrockPET Diet®. These supplements are specifically chosen to enhance the real food ingredients found in our highly customizable CrockPET Diet recipes.

What’s Inside the Kitten Diet Starter Kit

These are must-have products to transition to a healthy homemade diet for your favorite kitty. Each Complete CrockPET Starter Kit includes your Lifetime membership to The Original CrockPET Diet program, and 150-days to a year’s worth of supplements needed to balance The Original CrockPET Diet.

 (Does not include slow cooker)

You’ll receive:

  • Holistic Total Body Support Multivitamin for Cats and  Dogs which offers complete nutritional support for any type of cat diet, and especially the CrockPET diet.
  • Calcium Citrate (calcium supplement) to support healthy bones and teeth, and enhance muscle function in your cat
  • Organic Coconut Oil, the aroma-free oil to treat your pet’s coat from the inside out and keep parasites away
  • The original CrockPET Diet ebook with our delicious and easy to make kitty food recipes
  • Lifetime membership to The Original CrockPET Diet program to help you stay on track with your cat’s diet
  •  Recipe templates & cooking videos. Let’s make sure your cat gets all her feline nutrients with delicious recipes you can tailor to her tastes - even if you aren’t a whizz in the kitchen
  • Weekly live Q&As. Take your questions to Dr. Ruth on YouTube and Facebook with weekly, live Q&As on managing and improving your pet’s health.

And these fantastic bonuses

You’ll also get access to these bonuses to jumpstart your cat’s health

Bonus #1: Aging Well and Preventing Disease Guide

Get Dr. Ruth’s advice on how to help your pet age well, prevent injury and disease, and deal with multiple health issues in your pet. It’s easy to use and understand and can help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in emergency vet ER visits.

Bonus #2: Introduction to Gut Health Guide

The key to a healthy pet lies in optimizing their gut health. Discover how to improve your cat’s digestion and immunity with this crash course that reveals little-known facts about your cat’s (or dog’s) dietary needs.


Why the CrockPET Diet Starter Kit Is Just Right for Your Cat

  • Bundle & Save. Ordering all three essential vitamins and supplements gives you 150 days supply for the Total Body Support Multivitamins, and almost a year’s worth of coconut oil and calcium supplements.
  • Customizable diet plan. Focus on your cat’s preferences and make the foods you know they will love with The Original CrockPET Diet® ebook.
  • Quick and easy cat food recipes. Our ebook provides simple to make yet delicious and complete meals for your cat’s health. Our recipes use real food ingredients found at your local grocery store or farmer's market. Find recipes for cats and dogs, including keto-friendly versions. (And, of course, you get access to any updated recipes, videos, etc as they become available).
  • Total health support. The bonuses allow you to deliver the best in home care for your pet. 

Feeding your kitty the healthiest, safest food on the planet is a huge step in improving their overall health and happiness. The Complete CrockPET Starter Kit is a fast and efficient way to get your furry friend’s new diet in the works, with the best possible ingredients and supplements needed to balance it.

Order your 150-days to a year supply of essential supplements and vitamins, take advantage of the bonuses, and enjoy your lifetime membership to The Original CrockPET Diet® program to keep your cat safe, happy, and healthy.