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Hista-Paws For Cats And Dogs | Dr. Ruth Roberts

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Shop Hista-Paws for Cats and Dogs from Dr. Ruth's holistic wellness store today to help your pet be happy and healthy for many years to come.

Hista-Paws for Cats and Dogs contains 200 mg quercetin and 200 mg nettles per capsule. 

  • Supports the immune system and the body’s natural inflammatory response upon exposure to allergens.
  • Controls the effects of histamine released by certain types of food.
  • Balance a healthy inflammation response and helps regulate histamine.
  • Has vitamin C and iron underlies its immune-supporting effects.
  • Supports respiratory and joint health.
  • Has a natural compound for benefiting the inflammatory response
  • Supports kidney function by decreasing the AGE (advanced glycosylation end product) molecules from creating scarring in the kidney tissues