Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan: Assess Food & Toxin Sensitivity with Diet Plan

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Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

  • Energetic Analysis using Biofeedback Technology
  • Tests over 300 Foods & Environmental Toxins
  • Scan searches for and identifies the Stressors in Your Pet's Life

This Scan is the perfect roadmap to identify the stressors causing the discomfort and disease in Your pet's life. 

Once Identified, you can work to remove the foods and toxins that are creating inflammation and robbing your pet's health. 

Pair this with a Holistic Health Consultation to get your Furbaby on the road to health!

Once you receive your test kit, simply fill in the form, collect the hair and saliva samples as directed and send them in for testing! in 10-14 days, we will have results to discuss, and use to create your Best Friends Health Map.