Dr. Ruth Roberts

Holistic Wellness Package: Healthy Pet Starter

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Holistic Wellness Package: Healthy Pet Starter is for pets that are healthy, for pet parents that want them to stay that way.

If you are ready to improve your pet's health, but are tired of the same old advice that's meant to scare you into doing what "they" say, then this Holistic Pet Health Coaching Package is for you and your pet. Real preventive care comes from preventing disease, not causing it by giving the same old vaccinations every year, and "feed this expensive diet made out of discarded industrial food waste" advice you've gotten before.

When you purchase the package, here's what you'll receive:

  • Review Pet owner questions and concerns indicated on consult form
  • 15 Minute Skype/Phone call Includes
  • Answering your Questions & Concerns
  • A recording of our Call/Skype
  • 1 week check-in email
  • Access to The Original CrockPet Diet eBook and our Private Membership group
  • Ongoing Support via Private CrockPet Cooks Group
While we will only share 15 minutes over the phone, you and your pet will receive much more of my time and dedication. The Health Map I will create for your pet will be personalized, and specific just to them. Because implementing the Health Map is up to you, I’ll guide you through the hows and whys, giving you the knowledge to apply your pet’s health plan to their everyday life. In addition, I’ll check in with you one week later, to be sure everything is going great.
Plus, you’ll receive lifetime access to The Original CrockPET Diet, and all the perks that come along with it. Additionally, you will receive bonuses, including discounts on pet health supplements and invaluable information; a package worth well over $285.

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