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  • Advanced Care: Holistic Wellness Program | Dr. Ruth Roberts
  • Advanced Care: Holistic Wellness Program | Dr. Ruth Roberts
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Dr. Ruth Roberts

Advanced Care: Holistic Wellness Program | Dr. Ruth Roberts

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Holistic Wellness Program: Advanced Care is for pets who have multiple or complex health problems and need ongoing support.

If your pet has multiple or complicated health problems, conventional treatment may only take you to a roadblock. The options offered to your pet may have been ineffective, costly, or come with a string of unwanted side effects, and you’re likely looking for another road to take to help them.

If you are ready to improve your pet’s health, but are frustrated with the limited or adverse options being offered, then this Holistic Pet Health Coaching Package is for you and your pet. The Advanced Care Holistic Pet Health Coaching Package can help do just that, returning your pet to better health and improving their quality of life. When you purchase the package, here’s what you’ll receive:

  1. I’ll review your questions and concerns indicated on the consult form
  2. Review Medical Records, Lab Tests, Xrays
  3. Initial 45 Minute Zoom or Phone call Includes
  4. Answering your Questions & Concerns
  5. A recording of our Call
  6. A transcript of our call
  7. A nutrition plan for your pet
  8. A Supplement Plan for your pet
  9. Recommendations on how to work with your local veterinarian to best support your pet
  10. Lifetime Access to The Original CrockPet Diet 
  11. 60 days of access to iPet’s ally weekly Q&A sessions
  12. An Additional 30-minute Zoom or phone call
  13. Check-in email in 2 weeks after each call
  14. Access to all my Holistic Health Programs
  15. Access to Fullscripts and over 300 Professional grade supplements all at a 5% discount.
  16. VIP Status with special discounts and offers

The Health Map I create for your pet is tailor-made based on their full medical history and current health status. Additionally, this plan includes extended follow-up, to be sure our map is leading your pet to where you want them to be, adjusting as needed to get your Furbaby the help she deserves.

As a holistic pet expert and integrative veterinarian, I am dedicating my time and resources to help your pet get well while providing support along the way. While implementing the plan is entirely up to you, I’m here to guide you through the hows and whys, to make the journey as easy as possible.

In addition, my team will check in with you two weeks later, to be sure everything is going great. If you have additional questions, you’ll have 2 months of access to iPets Ally at no additional charge. This will give you the option to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. Once a month I do a live Zoom call with the group, where I teach about a topic selected by the group, and check-in with group members on health issues for their pets. 

Plus, you’ll receive lifetime access to The Original CrockPET Diet, and all the perks that come along with it. I do a weekly Q&A session to help members hone the diet to fit whatever needs their pets are having. 

Additionally, you will receive bonuses, including discounts on pet health supplements and invaluable information.

You will also have access to all my Holistic Health Programs and all the perks that come along with it, a package worth well over $675.

For more information on the nuts & bolts of What to Expect - click here.

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Noreen W.
Joey’s Ally and Hero!!

I took my beautiful Pom Joey to his mature dog check up where he had blood work done. The following day the vet informed me Joey’s kidney numbers were slightly off - but don’t worry about it, and scheduled a follow up blood work appt - which was a bit worse. She prescribed Royal Canin kidney support and scheduled another blood work appt. I looked at the ingredients for Canin and the first listed was corn - corn is genetically modified ****! That’s when I knew I had to be Joey’s advocate and ... thank God for the internet and thank God for Dr. Ruth!! I didn’t even know kidney disease was terminal! But thru Dr. Ruth’s website and courses, Facebook page and numerous YouTube videos, I invited Dr. Ruth to be my precious Joey’s Ally and our hero! Dr. Ruth gave me all the info I need to get Joey’s gut healthy, reduce inflammation, and be his healthiest version. I won’t know until his next blood work if he does have Kidney disease-but with Crockpet diet and all suggested supplements, day by day, Joey is going back to his puppyish ways! I’m feeling hopeful for my baby and my best buddy ever! Thank you so much Dr. Ruth - you’re truly a Godsend! Noreen and Joey

Dr. Ruth Roberts


Clare T.
Thanking Dr Ruth for information, empathy, compassion and great advice

I have known Dr Ruth Roberts for 10 years and she never fails to amaze and inspire me. Discussing my dogs heart disease with her, gave me the knowledge I need to be proactive and discerning in medications, diet and forward movement. Thank you Dr Ruth, for always being there for us Clare and Miles Tager, Jay jay and Smiley

Dr. Ruth Roberts

Glad I am able to help you the best way i could! stay safe you guys!

Denise B.
Dr. Ruth Roberts saved my dog's Life

Unfortunately Schnauzers have a bunch of serious health problems that stem from the wrong diet for the most part. Dr. Roberts worked with my local vets bloodwork and other tests and has turned three of my dogs health around and literally saved their lives. She is priceless and worth having consults to help your dog or kitty. Help your dogs and cats before problems begin with like she'll teach you with the CrockPet diet.

Dr. Ruth Roberts

Thanks so much! I am so glad this has been of help to you & your pups!

Marybeth P.
Amazing Transformation!

7 months ago my 8 year old Staffie Miranda was having a really hard time with her prescription diet for IBD. I contacted my old friend Dr Ruth and she put her on the Crockpot Diet as well as the Total Body Support and Ther-Biotic Complete Powder. Miranda is a new dog. She lost the weight she needed too, stopped vomiting, regained her energy and got her personality back! Her coat is gorgeous too! I cannot thank Dr Ruth enough for her amazing knowledge and support, and for the wonderful supplements she has. She gave me my crazy puppy back!

Dr. Ruth Roberts

Hurrah for Miranda!

Allison M.
Easy and Affordable!

After my Lab, Daisy was diagnosed with cancer, it was a RELIEF to find Dr. Ruth and the CrockPet diet! I read a lot on the internet, which just made me more anxious. I was overwhelmed with information and emotion. I wanted to help Daisy but feeding a raw diet was very expensive. So I sent an email to Dr. Ruth, and she responded immediately. After reading Dr. Ruth's story of her own health journey and her philosophy, I knew this was something I could do for my two dogs. I load up my crock pot at night before bed, which only takes 15 minutes. The food cooks while I sleep, and I wake up to healthy food for my dogs. They LOVE it! Daisy looks at me while she is eating with an expression that says "This is REALLY good." And I know that my dogs are finally getting nourishment, not just filler. We are going on a trip soon, so I have made up individual portions using my Food Saver- Pop those in the freezer, and we are good to go. Thank you Dr. Ruth for giving me a way to provide healthful, whole food for my dogs. I also gained a lot of knowledge on the pet food industry and what I can do to hopefully prevent canine cancer in the future.

Dr. Ruth Roberts

thanks so much! I am so glad this has been of help to you & your pups!