Holistic Total Body Support for Cats & Dogs

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Holistic Total Body Support for Cats and Dogs is an all-natural, glandular-based multivitamin, designed around what a pet’s natural diet should be.

There are 150 servings per jar. At one serving per day for cats, and 1 serving per day per 20 pounds of body weight for dogs, Holistic Total Body Support will help you keep your pet healthy at about $ 1 per day for a 50 pound dog. 

This pet multivitamin has been specially created to optimize your pet’s best health and achieve wholly balanced nutrition. Our holistic formula features an ample amount of taurine supplement for cats (and dogs prone to heart disease), rarely found in other available cat vitamins. It has been perfectly formulated to complement The Original CrockPET Diet, but is also a recommended supplement for dogs eating any other diet. It compliments home cooked and raw diets, canned foods and even dry kibble and commercial pet food.

This fully balanced formula works with your pet’s body to protect from wear and tear, disease and bodily stress.  Holistic Total Body Support contains nutrients from healthy beef and pork organs and glands, sourced from Argentina & Brazil.  The glandulars  help to protect and rebuild those same systems in your pet. The raw material in these dog and cat vitamins not only helps internal organs and endocrine systems function properly, but also maintains gut health.

The composition of these holistic supplements is straightforward, with no hidden formulas or mysteries. You can feel confident in knowing exactly what your pet is getting, and be sure it is the purrrfect fit for your pet’s diet. Even the pickiest of pets gave this formula two paws up in taste tests. Holistic Total Body Support for Cats and Dogs is the champion of dog vitamins, a natural way to ensure that your pup’s nutrition is safely and fully optimized from puppy or kitten hood and beyond.