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  • Help My Pet Dr. Ruth! Video/ Phone Consultation | Dr. Ruth Roberts
  • Help My Pet Dr. Ruth! Video/ Phone Consultation | Dr. Ruth Roberts
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Dr. Ruth Roberts

Help My Pet Dr. Ruth! Video/ Phone Consultation | Dr. Ruth Roberts

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When your pet has multiple or complicated health problems and conventional treatment is not working please know that there are other options.  My approach as a 30+ plus year integrated medicine veterinarian brings together all the treatments that are available today to help your pet.  The treatment plan may include any or a blend of the following: targeted nutritional healing, Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, acupuncture, laser, holistic, chiropractic and stem cell therapies.  Having owned an integrated clinic for many years I provided all these services under one roof. Unfortunately it is not easy in finding a clinic that can provide all of these treatments and services. Through my consultations I can help you and your primary veterinarian bring together the best plan for healing your pet.  

The consultation process looks like this:

Complete a form with the information that I need prior to us having an interactive consultation for your beloved pet. 

I will send you an email with a link for you to choose an appointment time for us to set up the interactive portion of the consultation.

We will meet on Zoom for video chat, and we can also talk via phone.

Email any prior and recent tests results from your local veterinarian including medical information from any visits that you want me to review. I will review these with you during our conversation. 

Please also send pictures of your pet from the top, sides, and front, and if possible, a picture of the tongue. 

This is a designed as a 30 minute consultation. If we run over the time, we can simply continue the conversation, if my schedule permits. I will send you an invoice for the additional time, billed at $4 per minute. 

I will summarize our action plan for you towards the end of our call.

I will send you a link to the recording of our call so you can refer back to it as needed, and write down the actions steps if you missed them!

You will also be given access to The Original CrockPet Diet  if you don’t have it already.