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DoggyBiome™ Gut Restore System + GMP

DoggyBiome™ Gut Restore System + GMP

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The at-home system includes two Gut Health Tests to assess your dog’s digestive system before and after supplement completion, and Gut Restore Supplement + Gut Maintenance Plus to restore microbiome health and relieve diarrhea.

The Doggybiome Gut Restore System + GMP

Gut Health Test

Find out what’s really going on inside your dog’s digestive system. This at-home test detects bacterial imbalances and provides actionable insights for personalized diet, supplement, or lifestyle changes to improve your dog’s health.

Using DNA sequencing, we analyze your dog's sample and compare it to our healthy reference set to determine if an imbalance is present. The test kit includes everything you need to collect a stool sample from your dog, and send it back to us for assessment. You will receive a detailed report to understand and help restore your dog’s health.


  • Fast results, receive your report in about two weeks
  • Detects bacterial imbalances and identifies which groups may be problematic
  • Actionable health insights for personalized diet, supplement, or lifestyle changes to improve dog health
  • Learn how to change your dog’s diet to support their gut health
  • See how the gut responds to dietary changes or treatments by retesting
  • Veterinarian recommended

Gut Restore Supplement

Our science-backed supplement provides thousands of different kinds of healthy dog-specific bacteria to restore dog health and relieve digestive, skin, and immune health issues.

DoggyBiome Gut Restore Supplement is a unique fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) in a capsule designed to restore dog health. Convenient capsules are an alternative to surgical FMT, which is equally effective but far more invasive. More powerful than probiotics and prescription diets, because seeding the gut with beneficial, dog-specific microbes helps to restore it to a more balanced state.

Addresses chronic digestive issues and skin conditions in dogs, including diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, itchy skin, and atopic dermatitis.

Helpful Supplement for Dog Digestive and Skin Issues:

  • Supports well-formed and easy to pass poop
  • Fast-acting and gentle
  • Restores digestive and immune health
  • Soothes the intestinal tract
  • Improves clinical signs in 80% of dogs
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat
  • Veterinarian recommended

> Learn more about Gut Restore Supplements/FMT capsules

> Clinical studies on fecal transplants

Gut Maintenance Plus

Gut Maintenance Plus (GMP) contains a special blend of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients designed to resolve the occasional diarrhea flare-up caused by antibiotics, C. difficile and E. coli. This supplement helps to rebalance and support a healthy pet microbiome.

GMP contains a unique blend of:

  • the probiotic yeast S. boulardii, which has been shown to resolve diarrhea caused by antibiotics
  • the prebiotic MOS, which activates the immune system, binds to pathogens, and feeds good bacteria
  • and the prebiotic PreForPro, which targets pathogenic strains of E. coli


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