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The Original CrockPET Diet for Dogs and Cats + Kidney Health Starter Kit

The Original CrockPET Diet for Dogs and Cats + Kidney Health Starter Kit

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Alongside the simple recipes, cooking instructions, and videos, you’ll get special access to information about essential ingredients, supplements, and vitamins that will help improve your pet's health and happiness. The Original CrockPet Diet program was designed to help pet parents take the necessary steps that will help achieve these amazing feats, right from home.

This exclusive digital membership gives you lifetime access to The Original CrockPet Diet online. You can access it via your phone, tablet, or computer. You'll get immediate online access to the ebook, TOCPD recipe, and its many variations, including Keto versions, Dr. Ruth's recipe for pets with kidney disease, holiday recipes, and more! The Original CrockPet Diet team is dedicated to supporting you through a lifetime of healthy pets and home cooking for your furry friends.

The Original CrockPet Diet also includes these added bonuses to help you learn more about optimizing your pet's health and adding healthy years to their life. 

  • The Original CrockPET Diet eBook
    Learn more about the history and science behind The Original CrockPet Diet, the foods that go into it, and how you can optimize each batch for your pet's best health. 
  • Cooking videos, tutorials, and instructions
  • Aging Well and Preventing Disease Guide
  • Get Dr. Ruth's advice on helping your pet age well, preventing injury and disease, and dealing with multiple health issues in your pet. 
  • Introduction to Gut Health Guide
    Discover how to improve your pet’s digestion and immunity with this crash course that reveals little-known facts about your dog or cat’s dietary needs.
  • Ease disease symptoms, so that your pet acts like herself…even if she is sick.
  • Feed your pet cancer-fighting foods, so that his body has the tools to fight back against tumors that deplete his organs.
  • Enhance your dog or cat’s health with essential supplements and vitamins that counteract diseases, so that you can enjoy your time with your pet.
  • Provide a healthy, balanced diet for your pet, not factory-made corn and animal by-products.
  • Decrease the most common pet health issues, such as skin irritation, joint pain, and extreme fatigue.
  • Save thousands on unnecessary vet bills that pile up from preventable diseases.
  • Give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making the right decision for the furry guy or girl that you care about.

The Original CrockPet Diet is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit your pet's health needs and even their preferences.  

Full course access to Kidney Health Starter Kit

  • The 9 Essential Labs to Ask for, so you can clarify the severity of your pet’s kidney failure
  • What the lab results really mean, so you’re “in the know”
  • The 5 Questions to ask your veterinarian, so you can be an advocate for their health
  • Simple steps you can take to dramatically improve your pet’s health & quality of life

You'll get 4 Video Modules explaining how to utilize the kit, and why Kidney failure is personal to me. You'll also receive these downloads

  • Kidney Health Quick Start Guide
  • Demystifying Lab Results
  • 9 essential labs to ask for
  • Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian



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