World Kidney Day

Dr. Ruth's holistic wellness store offers Standard Process Renal Support Collection that helps reduce inflammation & strengthen you & your pet's gut.

These collection of supplements are whole-food-based nutrition that supports the kidneys, Control Inflammation, Hydrate & Support The Gut.

Learn to better understand kidney diseases in dogs & the right approach to treatment.

  • -Denise Currin 👩‍🦰

    I was told by my vet that my 6yo double doodle has kidney disease and I had to place her on Hills KD. I refused that thought and did an internet search. Found Dr. Ruth and after starting her diet and supplements, it's been great. That was 4yrs ago. 3yrs ago my vet said things were dire. But soon after there was a real switch and her kidney values were able to be turned around. The last 3 blood tests (done every 6months) have been completely normal. Her activity level has improved. She is a wonderful happy loving dog!! You helped with your knowledge and love of animals.

    We greatly appreciate your suggestions

    -Denise Currin & Pet Ruby

  • Fully balanced diet for Dog with Kidney Disease

    -Linda Hostetller 👩‍🦰

    Lilly Grace, has an Acute Kidney Injury last Nov 2021

    Dec 2021 update:

    "Lily Grace loves the new food and is eating very well and her health continues to improve. Today she was awake more than she slept and has returned to her original active self." 😍

    Feb 2022 update:

    "All numbers are down, phosphate levels normal, and her red blood count is almost normal. Staying on the same plan and no adjustments in her supplements!! 

    So far so good!  So grateful for the support and helpful recommendations!"

  • Karen D.

    My husband and I were pleased to find Dr. Ruth and have learned so much about renal disease in dogs from her courses. We received the recorded conversation of our consultation immediately and await the written summary and supplement recommendations that will give us guidance on helping our little 5 lb Yorkie to help us navigate this disease properly. Thank you Dr. Ruth

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