My life’s mission is to help you give your pet a better life, one that is full of many happy, healthy years.

-Dr. Ruth Roberts, Your Pet's Ally

Dog with Kidney disease | Dr. Ruth Roberts, Holistic & Integrative Veterinarian

Dr. Ruth, You are a real gem!

Andy after the call told me he was very impressed by you and so am I. You care, are incredibly intelligent and communicate in a clear and concise manner. The majority of vets are not like that sadly. I will be sure to tell all my friends with fur babies about you.

-Theresa Cable

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  • Mae Kayes

    Dr Ruth takes such a practical and holistic approach to healing.And she does so using lay terms that we pet parents can understand. It brings me peace of mind to know how to take care of my pet children.She goes out of her way to help us in any way possible💞

  • Alan & Karen

    We are so thankful for Dr. Ruth. Her expertise with animals is reassuring. We were devastated when we found out our 6 yr old 5 lb Yorkie had kidney disease. That after losing our 15 yr old Cocker Spaniel. Our Vet had no plan except the Hill renal kibble. Thankfully, Dr. Ruth had a few ideas to try, at least to give Siggy a better quality of life. Thank you Dr. Ruth. We will keep posting regarding Siggy’s progress.

  • Lauretta Breisch

    Roxanne, my mini wirehaired dachshund, celebrated her 16th birthday on January 6. We started the Crockpet diet with you at Sun Dog Cat Moon August, 2015 and I truly believe this is the reason for her long, healthy life. We add your Arthri-Pawz and Holistic Total Body Support
    to her meals.

    Thank you Dr. Roberts!

  • Brenda Keiner

    Dr. Roberts helped my dog!
    My dog has been diagnosed with cancer. I found Dr Roberts for a second opinion regarding her treatment. She gave me confidence to have the surgery, and recommended dietary changes to help as we meet this challenge.
    I’ve seen positive changes in Roxy’s skin, attitude and general health. Talk to Dr Roberts!

  • Kristina Grimes

    All the questions you want to ask your vet but don’t have time. I get more answers in real-time and can even ask my little questions. Feel this has taken some pressure off my regular vet since now I can focus on the hands-on work during in person vet consultations and the questions are handled online with more detail and research than my local vet can provide.

  • Ruby & Denise Currin

    I was told by my vet that my 6yo double doodle has kidney disease and I had to place her on Hills KD. I refused that thought and did an internet search. Found Dr Ruth and after starting her diet and supplements, it's been great. That was 4yrs ago. 3yrs ago my vet said things were dire. But soon after there was a real switch and her kidney values were able to be turned around. The last 3 blood tests (done every 6months) have been completely normal. Her activity level has improved. She is a wonderful happy loving dog!! You helped with your knowledge and love of animals.
    We greatly appreciate your suggestions

  • Susan Mc Pherson

    I have been with Dr. Ruth Roberts for over 4 yrs now. She has a vast amount of knowledge on how to take care of our pets. I depend on her for guiding me in the right direction on how to feed my babies (dogs) since I cook for them. She has been able to help me balance their diet to make sure they get all the nutrients that they need as well as balancing out the proteins and carbs. I have recommended her to every pet owner I know. I also love her products and discounts that she gives. She has been my go to holistic vet for a very long time.

  • Tonya T.

    Dr Ruth..thank you for not only your amazing insight and care plan for my Bella’s Acid Reflux but nurturing and guiding me through my fears of potentially losing her. Dr Ruth takes care of both the body and the soul.

Fully balanced diet for Dog with Kidney Disease

All numbers are down!

Lilly Grace, has an Acute Kidney Injury last Nov 2021
Dec 2021 update:
"Lily Grace loves the new food and is eating very well and her health continues to improve. Today she was awake more than she slept and has returned to her original active self." 😍
Feb 2022 update:
All numbers are down, phosphate levels normal, and her red blood count is almost normal. Staying on the same plan and no adjustments in her supplements!!
So far so good! So grateful for the support and helpful recommendations!

-Linda Hostetller

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  • Cita Pel

    Kudos to Dr Ruth for helping knock down my dogs liver enzymes in half! Thank you Dr Ruth. Jesse and I love working with you and send tight hugs. Here’s to protein and squash, Jesse says. Cushing’s stinks!

  • Bettina Nowicki

    Thank you so much Dr Ruth for all your help and knowledge. Our new local vet is on board with us and is always excited to hear what we doing to help our dogs. Since we started the crock pet diet last October our dogs did not have any ear infections, allergies or hot spots. We use Dr Ruth holistic total body support, the fish oil and her probiotic and our dogs absolutely love their food.

  • Denise Schnauzer

    Dr Ruth Roberts is excellent saved a couple of my dogs that traditional vets had no clue

  • Anya Gore

    As always, Ruth is approachable, kind and gives very helpful advice. I have regular online consultations with her, and I really appreciate the support.

I am so grateful for you and making this recipe available.

My dog would not be alive today had I not found out about it. He was not eating and was skin and bones. My cat was always throwing up his food until we switched his food. They both love there new menu. Thank you again!!❤😺🐶

-Theresa Thornock

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  • Kim Nowicki

    Took my 3 dogs off Kibble last year. This year no itchy skin and no infections in the ears. I am so glad I switched.

  • Mary Slade Doane

    The thing is, these crock meals are just so doggone pretty!

  • Julie Gagnon

    Only the best for my fur kid!

  • Becky Herrera

    It smells super yummy and my pup has been hanging out in the kitchen waiting lol!

  • Michael Van Buskirk

    Gracie's Pre-wash Cycle, her favorite part of the CrockPet Diet.

  • Sara Holden

    My kids sure love helping with cleanup!

  • Margaret Callen

    Skye sneaking for a taste test, she can't control herself!

  • Pam Hayes

    Dr Ruth Roberts Thanks so much for your advice re Spirit being so lean.